Ocean Springs is the coolest art town in Mississippi and perhaps the entire US South. Downtown Ocean Springs is a phenomenal spot to visit in Coastal Mississippi. Its main street, Washington Avenue, is lined with romantic oak trees, locally owned shops and art galleries, and one of the best restaurants along the US Gulf Coast (Vestige).

Professional art attractions include the Walter Anderson Museum of Art and Shearwater Pottery (founded by Walter’s brother Peter Anderson). Signs of the Anderson family influence are found throughout Ocean Springs, including in the design and naming of the rooms at The Roost, probably the best place to stay along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Being an artsy town, Ocean Springs employs entertaining touches to delight the eyes, such as painted garbage cans. You can expect to find quirky decorations in stores and in front as attention getters. Walk a few streets in any direction from downtown Ocean Springs and find scattered properties owned or rented by artists adding their own eccentric decor.

Being an eccentric type myself (but not artistic), my photos below appear in random orderings but reflect most of the above and more. One “more” is the magnificent tile art installation at the foot of the Biloxi Bay Bridge. Another “more” are the bronze plaques on the bridge, appearing every 1/10 mile. A third “more” is the natural artistry appearing nearly every evening for sunset.

Enjoy this mostly visual look at the art of Ocean Springs, Mississippi and for more information, please read my article Coastal Mississippi Hidden Gems.

Coastal Mississippi sunset



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