13 Best Grouper Sandwiches in Florida Gulf Coast Grouper Trail

Finding the best grouper sandwiches in Florida is one of our favorite US Gulf Coast travel quests.

After visiting hundreds of US Gulf Coast restaurants, seafood markets, food trucks, and craft breweries, we are thrilled to reveal the most iconic and coastal-worthy dishes for the inaugural Florida Gulf Coast Grouper Trail.

We have personally ordered, paid for, and eaten all of the mentioned grouper menu items and attest they are indeed the restaurants with the best grouper in Florida. We will update our Florida Gulf Coast Grouper Trail listings when we find other deserving places (let us know your favorite choice for best grouper in Florida).

When you are looking for the “best grouper sandwich near me,” take advice from someone who has been there and can provide an honest take on the topic.

13 Best Grouper Sandwiches in Florida: Gulf Coast Grouper Trail

Our entries for best grouper sandwiches in Florida are listed alphabetically and we encourage you to visit them all and rank them yourself. Let us know your favorite places for grouper in Florida, whether or not they are on this list.

Congratulations to the following outstanding Florida Gulf Coast Grouper Trail stops, listed alphabetically. They serve the best grouper sandwiches in Florida along with other incredible seafood dishes. When you visit, mentioned you found them through McCool Travel.

  1. Beach Waves Grill (Indian Rocks Beach)
  2. Charm City Seafood (Bartow)
  3. 4th Street Shrimp Store (St. Pete)
  4. Havana Cafe (Chokoloskee)
  5. Leebe Fish (Marco Island)
  6. Little Bar Restaurant (Goodland)
  7. The Rod and Reel Pier (Anna Maria Island)
  8. Seabreeze Island Grill and Bar (Redington Shores)
  9. Snook Inn (Marco Island)
  10. Star Fish (Cortez)
  11. Tide Tables (Cortez)
  12. Ugly Grouper (Anna Maria Island)
  13. The Waterfront Restaurant (Anna Maria Island)

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Originally published at https://usgulfcoasttravel.com on February 1, 2022.



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